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G&R Tavern for more than 50 years has fought the good fight of elevating bologna’s humble status into something nobler.
our reputation has been even sanctified by roadfood.com, the authoritative website recommending small-town restaurants and dishes. It has affixed its highest status upon G&R, rating it: “Legendary — worth driving from anyplace.”
Rank all the world’s meat products in order of prestige, and bologna would occupy the spot between the top three.
The thick bologna fried hot on the griddle forms an appealing crust, one that seems to amplify its smoked and savory properties, rousing its inner garlic to the forefront.
Bologna is not like the thin sandwich slices from when you were a kid… it’s custom made similar to sausage and sliced an inch thick.
People come from miles around who enjoy the “world famous bologna” – maybe the biggest you have ever seen. This one-of-a-kind bologna is sliced thick as hamburgers and the logs of meat are made just for the restaurant.
The attraction of course, other than the fried bologna sandwich has been the huge Pie’s as many customers have referred it as the biggest pie they have ever eaten.
As we have other varieties like fries, salads, baskets, sandwiches and not to forget the huge size pizza’s, People can even enjoy them.

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                                                                                                  we at G&R Tavern do take the responsibility to provide you the best out the best.

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