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first come first served

you can simply walk in whenever you want and enjoy the food. we follow no reservation policy

Restaurant Timing

8am - 11pm Monday - Thursday
8am - 12am Friday & Saturday

Sunday !! lets relax

we do understand our employees hard work. so we find Sunday as a good day to relax down

No Home Delivery

you can enjoy your food here else we can even pack your food as in case you are in a hurry. But we do not provide home delivery.

This Is Who We Are

Joy Lewis & Bernie Lewis (owners)

Ohio has as many classic food stories and G&R TAVERN is one that tops the list.

Bernie Lewis,the Owner of G&R TAVERN along with the employees has been continuously and effortlessly working to provide customers a taste they always have wanted.

Started in 1962 the restaurant has always attracted loyal customers from miles around who enjoy the “world famous bologna” – maybe the biggest you have ever seen.

A 45-minute drive north of Columbus, to turn a punch line into an economic engine. G&R Tavern, in fact, has turned our town of 350 into a curious and worthy pit stop in central Ohio.

For at least its first quarter-century, G&R Tavern (named for founders George Yake and Roy Klingel) lived up to the tavern end of its name, its reputation more watering hole than place to bring the kids.
The year 1985 brought new ownership  who till today have always tried to justify this veteran restaurant’s legacy.

There, fried bologna sandwiches are the biggest draw in the middle of the town’s local institution, G&R Tavern. It is not the thin, packaged bologna people normally want to forget from childhood. This one-of-a-kind bologna is sliced thick as hamburgers and the logs of meat are made just for the restaurant.

G&R Tavern,still bears the hallmark of a neighborhood sports bar, with the requisite beer paraphernalia and local team trophies along walls.

To make everybody happy is impossible. But G&R Tavern pushes the limit. Bernie Lewis,the Owner of G&R TAVERN, believes to change the flavor attending to individual’s needs.

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